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NY Village Halloween Parade

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Performer Lineup Instructions and Parade Information

Princeton University Band

Contact: Destiny Eisenhour | [email protected] | 7178735637

Dear Destiny ,

Here are important instructions about your group’s participation in the NYC Village Halloween parade.
Please read it ALL carefully NOW!

If you still have questions, contact the Music Director at: [email protected] right away.

Day of Parade Instructions

Lineup Information
Your Line Up Location: Park - Pumpkin 1
Your Vehicle Entrance: Sixth Ave & Broome
Performer Entrance: Dominick & Varick
Performer Entrance Password: "Princeton"
Time of Arrival and Other Details

Your bus will drop you off at the corner of Sixth Ave and Broome Street by 5 pm. From there, proceed north through the park to your lineup location at Pumpkin 1.

Vehicles dropping off band members and instruments should arrive at Sixth Ave and Broome St by 4:30pm and then proceed up Sixth Ave to West 16th. Park as near to 7th Avenue as possible. Use your parking permit so as not to get towed. ALL VEHICLE PERMITS MUST HAVE THE DRIVERS CELL PHONE NUMBER ON THEM.

Inform Your People
Download and print this map and pass along to the appropriate people. Your drivers will need the following permit(s). Make sure they get what they need.
IMPORTANT: Be sure to put the DRIVER's NAME and CELL # on ALL vehicle permits.
Download and print this Performer Pass and give it the people in your group.

The Performer Pass can be handled in three ways:
1) You can print out this pass and give it to your group members.
2) You can send them the link to this PDF and they can print it out themselves.
3) They can bring it on their phone and show to a Parade Entrance Marshal.

If you don't have your Performer Pass in any of these formats, your password is: Princeton

Portosans are located in three places:

  • one on the south side of Spring Street – Map
  • four in front of HERE Theater – Map
  • one on the east side of the park near Sixth Avenue across from Dominick – Map
  • one on the north side of the park near Sixth Avenue and Spring St – Map
Be On Time

This year the Parade is on a THURSDAY night, which means traffic will be pretty bad! So come early to keep you place in the lineup. Honest. You don’t want to be late.

Problems? Contact: Parade Marshal

Parade Marshal Sarah Bissonnette can be reached at 845-389-3849 or [email protected].

MORE! Please keep reading!

The instructions ABOVE are specific to YOUR GROUP.
The following section is an overview of the parade for all participating groups. PLEASE READ!

What to Expect on Halloween and General Overview of the Parade

Set up and Line up:
The parade lines up on several blocks on either side of 6th Avenue, south of Spring St. Throughout the day, parade elements arrive and set up on Sullivan, Broome, Spring Streets, and the Inner Roadway of 6th Avenue, as per their assignments. There are several different kinds of parade elements.

If your group members are arriving on foot, a good strategy is to meet a few blocks from line up and walk through the performer entrance together to your line up location. If your members are all arriving separately, it is especially important that they know your group name as it appears in this letter, and it helps if they show their performer pass (included in this packet) at the gate.

Drop off vehicles should plan to arrive between 2-4pm, make sure this packet contains a drop off permit and please make sure to be OUT of the line up area by 4:30PM. The best way to exit is to drive UP 6th Avenue.

Support vehicle / Parking at the end of the route: Make sure you also have a parking permit if you need one. Print it and display it on your windshield after writing in your driver’s cell phone number. Plan to be parked at the end of the route by 5:30 pm. Go UP 6th Ave and take a LEFT toward 7th Ave and park on the street you have been assigned on your permit. Also, please read special instructions for Parking At the End of the Parade at the end of this document.

If you have a VEHICLE IN THE PARADE, you must arrive by 4:30 PM at the latest. Make sure you have an In Parade Vehicle permit. Print it and display it on your windshield after writing in your driver’s cell phone number. DRIVERS MUST REMAIN WITH PARADE VEHICLES AT ALL TIMES THROUGHOUT LINE UP AND DURING THE PARADE. Also, please read special instructions for Vehicles in the Parade on the last page of this document.

At 6 pm, the police close 6th Avenue to traffic and marshals begin moving floats and some vehicles into a CHUTE on 6th Avenue. Vehicles going into the CHUTE should be ready to move by 5:45 PM. Support vehicles that are not in the parade should clear out of the area by 4:30 PM.

At the Start:
The head of the parade steps off at 7 PM from 6th Avenue at Spring Street, marching straight up Sixth Avenue at a leisurely 1-block-every-5-minute-pace, allowing for the occasional short (30 second) performance. The public viewing of the parade ends at 16th Street, about 1 and 1/8 miles north of Spring and 6th Avenue. Expect to be in the parade for just over an hour and half.

Parade elements begin the parade between 7 and 10 PM. It may be well over an hour after 7 PM before your group steps-off. This depends on your location in the lineup and how many costumed people join us to celebrate.

While you are waiting to step off, feel free to practice, entertain the crowd, or get interviewed by one of the journalists that will be on the prowl for a good story. If you have a sound system or are a band, be considerate of your neighbors and keep the volume low. IF A MARSHAL OR THE POLICE TELL YOU TO TURN DOWN THE VOLUME, DO SO IMMEDIATELY OR YOU MAY BE TAKEN OUT OF THE PARADE BEFORE IT EVEN STARTS.

Once you step off, everyone gets a chance to spread out and take their space to be seen and to be heard! If you are a musical unit, the space between two city streetlights is a good gauge of how far you should be from the group in front of you. If a gap develops, please try to move up and fill the gap, as gaps drain the energy of the parade and make the crowd watching the parade restless. If you need to protect your performance space so you don’t get overrun by costumed marchers, we suggest recruiting extra members for your group and have them carry a decorative rope to define your space (we use a rope like this to protect the puppets at the front of the parade).

TV Coverage:
There is ONE TV telecast of the parade this year: NY1 News at 10th Street. You should NOT stop at the 10th St. broadcast as this will jam the parade. NY1 is NOT doing a “feature” type telecast this year, just a “pass through” broadcast. When the TV marshals tell you to move on, you MUST listen to them and move on no matter how much you are enjoying the spotlight!

Dispersal / the End of the Parade:
Just before you reach 15th Street, parade marshals will ask you to stop your performance and separate you from the public participants in the parade. Please do this promptly. Stopping on Sixth Avenue will cause the parade to back up, and you can’t turn the corner if you are still playing, otherwise the public participants will follow you and overcrowd your breakdown area. Marshals will direct you either WEST (turn Left) or EAST (turn Right) depending on your special arrangements.

Vehicles IN the Parade:
If you have not yet registered a vehicle with the parade, sorry, but it is too late this year. The parade is a pedestrian event, and the few slots we reserve for vehicles are already filled.

* You are required, per our agreement with the NYPD, to have dedicated SPOTTERS (without masks or encumbering costumes) clearly visible at each corner of the vehicle to work with the driver to protect costumed parade participants walking near your vehicle.
* In general, no stopping in the parade unless there is a safety issue, or you are instructed to do so by marshal or police.
* If you breakdown / have a problem, move to the side so the parade can go around you.
* Maximum height is approx. 13 ft due to overhead wires.
* No overcrowding – only 20 people allowed on each Bond Float.

Parking at the End of the Parade:
Park as close as possible to 7th Ave! Marshals will help. Park EARLY, as travel will be difficult after 5 PM and impossible once the police close 6th Ave at 5:45 PM.

Subway is the best way to get back to the assembly area from the dispersal area. The 7th Ave line #1 stops at 18th and 14th Streets and goes directly to Canal Street, where you can walk back UP to the assembly area. Due to traffic, street closings and unavailability of cabs, some drivers have found themselves unable to get back to the parade assembly area in time for the start of the parade if they don’t park early enough.

Hallelujah Halloween!